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SPA Kundratice Osečná - treatment and accommodation in SPA Kundratice..

Spa House SPA Kundratice, one of the oldest spas in the Czech Republic, uses, among other procedures, the traditional natural healing source of ferrous sulphide bog for the treatment of the musculoskeletal system.

History: SPA Kundratice was established as a part of the town of Osečná in 1881 and is one of the oldest spas in Bohemia, in which peat is used as a natural healing source. The founder, a local businessman, Josef Schwan, first built a small house with two peat baths near the rich peat bogs. His son expanded the building and opened a peat bath. The spa was bought by the village from the widow Schwanová in 1908, because the number of visitors was constantly increasing, and in 1913 it was decided to modernize the entire facility. The spa buildings got a new look and in 1914 a sanatorium was built for the sick, but also for convalescents, especially soldiers from the First World War.

Accommodation in Kundratice Spa: We only accept cash payments

SPA Kundratice offers the possibility of 3 accommodation buildings, the Šárka and Dalibor buildings are equipped with an elevator, the Přemysl building has no elevator, all buildings are in close proximity to catering and the spa house.

Building Šárka: capacity: 64 double rooms with telephone, equipment: hotel type cat. *** with standard accessories, balcony, telephone, TV, refrigerator, wifi for a fee, 3 common rooms

Dalibor building: we only accept cash payments, capacity: 13x double rooms with telephone, 3x single rooms, equipment: hotel type cat. *** with standard accessories, telephone, TV, refrigerator, lounge

Building Přemysl: capacity: 12x single room without accessories, 1x apartment - possibility of TV, fridge, accessories, equipment: hostel, without accessories

Type of rooms
1 bedroom2 bedroomApartment

Furnishings of rooms: shower, toilet in room, TV, Shared Bathroom, Shared Toilet, sink in the room, WI-FI

Basic information: Information service, medical services to hand, depository bicycle, safety box, reserved parking Lot, WI-FI, bicycle rentals, restaurant

Number of floors: 2

Description of vicinity: Kundratice Spa is 20 km from the city of Liberec.

Accessibility of facility:

Name of centre: (50 m)

Spa services:

Description of spa facility:

Treatment, treatment and procedures of Lázně Kundratice:

Kundratice Spa provides its guests with procedures that have a very beneficial effect on the following diseases: rheumatic arthritis, Bechterew's disease, functional disorders of the spine (spinal block), chronic disc syndromes and conditions after disc surgery, arthrosis, spondylosis, spondylarthrosis, impaired movement stereotypes, muscular stereotypes , diseases of muscles, tendons and ligaments, of inflammatory, toxic and traumatic origin. In addition to these diseases, it is possible to favorably affect associated diseases such as hyperuricemia, high blood pressure, ischemic diseases of the lower limbs, diabetes, and the like.

The main treatment program is baths in natural healing ferrous sulphide bog and this treatment is supplemented as needed by various types of massages, baths - bubble, lemon balm, cypress, calmonal, hydrotherapy and many other procedures, including gas puncture and cryotherapy. At present, the administration of treatment procedures has been extended to include laser and biolamp and shock wave treatments.

Peat baths and wraps

We use our own mined ferrous sulphide bog for treatment. The excavated bog must be treated before use. The coarse impurities are removed, the mixture is crushed into small particles, and finally water is added and heated to 37-39 degrees Celsius. The prepared mass is then used in the form of a peat wrap, or after the addition of additional water in the form of a peat bath, which is traditionally served in wooden tubs.

Peat belongs to the so-called peloids, which are natural substances created by geological processes. The effects of peloid procedures are mainly thermal. These are caused by the consistency (density) of the peat. Due to its density, the peat conducts heat up to seven times slower than water, which is why the organism heats up more gently and, above all, more intensely.

Offer of stays, write us a request for the date, type of stay and we will send you an offer:

Relax stay, Winter stay, Early spring stay, Senior program 55+

Spa services: Spa

Therapeutic procedures: Cryotherapy, Electrotherapy, Dietary therapy, Gas injections, Massages, Natural additive baths, Hydrotherapy, Natural sulfur baths, Baths, Sulphatane, Peat wrap, Shockwave

Examination procedures: Entry and exit examination by physician, Check-up by Physician

Natural therapeutic sources: Sulphurous water, Peloid mud, Climato-therapy - Alpine atmosphere

Treating diseases of indication: Motion organs, Diabetes melitus, Rheumatoid arthritis and its variations, Arthritis, Bechterev disease, High blood pressure

Other types of therapy: Sleep, Relaxation walks, Climato-therapy


Description of restaurant: Possibility of dietary meals (saving diet, diabetic diet). Meals are served in the dining room of the hospital in the central spa building.


Sport activity opportunities:
Sauna, Bike routes, Mushrooming

Capacity for conferences:

Accommodation Price-list:

DatePer person
1.1-31.12od/ in 309

Currency: Czk

Price includes:
Sale/ payments: Prices include accommodation and fees for 1 person / night

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SPA Lázně Kundratice a.s.SPA Lázně Kundratice a.s.SPA Lázně Kundratice a.s.
BOOKING - Non-binding order

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